I Just Got To Believe – Album (2012)<br><br>

I Just Got To Believe – Album (2012)

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Released through MGM 2012.


1. I Just Got To Believe
2. Hong Kong Control
3. Without People You’re Nothing
4. De-Evolution Revolution
5. Oh No!
6. Esprit de Corps
7. Like I Do
8. What Does It Take?
9. What A Day
10. Makes Me Want To Cry


“The opening title track packs a Rolling Stones-esque backing riff and combines it with Mick Jagger-style vocals to lay down the dance-rock atmosphere. Metamorphosing into attitude-laden tunes, the album progresses towards The City Lights’ own brand of blisteringly good rock. Witty, scathing, playful and ironic lyrics abound throughout…”

“Let us not beat about the bush and let us say it clear : currently they are the best Australian power pop band and one of the five best in this genre that can be found scattered around the world.”

“A strong mix of soul, pop, and rock, the threesome make the type of music that makes you imagine a modern day Beatles troupe on stage playing to a crowd that is both tapping their feet and yelling out the chorus.”

“Sydney-siders The City Lights, who despite an ever-changing line-up are determined to take on the spirit handed down from Australian bands such as Huxton Creepers and The Stems, with a ’60s charge to the music and an energy that’s timeless. The opening title tune sets the tone, the kind of song that’s perfect for blasting at five o’clock on a Friday, while Esprit de Corps snarls along like some long-lost Radio Birdman nugget.” *** 3 stars 

“It’s a short blast of a record and an honest testimony of a band that live and breathe rock’n’roll.”  ****4 stars.

“The album has elements that are reminiscent of ’60s British rock and has the sounds of punk and grunge genres, and it all seems to mesh together perfectly to pack an almighty punch. The record is full of gutsy guitar riffs and high energy, sharp vocals that get right to the point.”

“I Just Got To Believe is about a group that are doing what they love and it should earn the boys more than a few new fans for their troubles. It’s also a testament to the power of resilience and about a good F. This album comes brimming with three of them: fury, fun and fast moments, meaning with so many highlights this record will revitalise your love and belief in rock. Hallelujah!” 

The City Lights…know exactly who they are – a razor sharp power-pop trio with punk edges and energy to burn. It wasn’t as if they were leaping around the stage throwing poses, but the way they play, like they are leaning into the wind, makes their music sound and feel like a shot of adrenalin. They dispatched short and concise songs with ruthless efficiency, interspersed with hilarious banter and one-liners, showing that they were having as much fun as the music sounded. In short they were superb and they have a new album out that deserves attention. See them live, buy the album… this reviewer did.”
DRUM MEDIA live review